Home of the Worlds Fastest 500cc Motorcycle

Fastest one mile average 228.58 mph August 18, 2006

World Record S-G 650 210.728mph August 4, 2004


Click on this link to view video of a run Video\1150.mpeg

Crashing on the final run during Speed Week 2006 at somewhere north of 240mph.

Click this link to view. Video\Arrow Crash 2min version.wmv

Ed Murray checks out center hub steering

Andy Kozietadzki's Pepsi Red paint job

Bob & Ed installing the front wheel assembly

Bob's Center Hub Steering

Davann Chase & Ken Robitaille working on the new pit hoist

Charles Fidder & Andy Kozietadzki installing the test engine

Lynn Wilson fitting the main parachute tube

Final fit of the nose

Mocking up the tail fins

Test fitting the rider

Almost ready for the salt

Bob & the new intake plenum

8 port EFI throttle body

Remembering Socrates theTeam Arrow Mascot

Gary Hensley on the dynamometer

Airport testing

Rider installed

It's up and away

The faster pedal

Adjusting the periscope

Charles Fidder & Mike Gellner waiting for clearance to launch

If you have to ask?

Left rear quarter

Left side

Front view

Right side

Right front quarter

Right rear quarter

Setting up the circus on the salt

Safety procedure review

Bill Taylor SCTA starter talks to Gary about licensing procedures

2003 and we are finally down the course

Our Sponsers

Wide Open...

On the race trailer in front of the shop

Drawing a croud on the starting line

The woman behind the man behind the bike

Where it all starts

Bob pushing off the line

A Record & Red Hat

John Staiger doing his thing in the pits

Left Side Engine

Right Side Finished

Tech Inspection

Carrillo Rods

Inner Cooler & Radiator

Don Cyr Fabricating

JE Turbo Pistons

Majestic Turbo

Turbo Exhaust

Turbo Intake

No air left in this one...

Our new MTC Lock Up Clutch

New Charles Fider Clutch Cover

Very Compact

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Charles Fider charlesfider@yahoo.ca

Gary C Hensley gary@arrowracing.org

Don Cyr don@arrowracing.org

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John Staiger lsrvette@yahoo.com

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